While perennials and bulbs go in and out of bloom, annuals provide the flower garden with season-long color and continuity. Large or small, formal or information, bold or subdued — whatever your landscape style, annuals can fit pleasantly into the plan.

Landscaping with cacti creates an interesting showcase that is low-maintenance. Most cactus plants survive harsh conditions and a broad range of temperatures.

Ground Cover
Ground covers fill a number of important design needs. They can form a low horizontal foliage mass that serves to organize or tie a planting together into a unified composition. They can also soften and add a touch of greenery to the large rock-mulched areas.

There are few groups of plants that offer the beauty and charisma of palms. This factor along with increasingly more species available to consumers has resulted in the palm craze that we’ve seen recently.

Deciduous shrubs, those that lose their leaves in fall, give seasonal color and texture changes to the landscape. The flowers, foliage, fruit and bark provide color and landscape interest. A properly selected group of shrubs gives interest to the landscape throughout the year.

Trees are the basic element for any landscape plan. They set the stage for the entire home grounds design. The type used and their location determine to a great extent what other plantings are appropriate.

Vines serve many useful landscaping purposes. Where space is limited, vines may be used as dividers or barriers. They can screen unsightly views or provide privacy for the patio or porch. The monotony of a long fence or blank wall may be broken with vines.